Chronic congestion Neuralgia of the tripartite nerve is characterized by attacks of unbearable pain in the zone of innervations of the gillocks of the tripartite nerve in the area: skroni, ochnytsia, chola, upper or lower cracks. Unfortunately, it’s a pity that it’s hard to get sick often – in the middle of 1 vipadok per 15,000 people. Women who are over 40 years old are most likely to suffer.

Neuralgia of the tricular nerve
Likuvannya of this ailment to reclaim from the reception of medical preparations, as well as to dull the bill. It’s a big time for a trivial hour of additional help. Ale, at least one hour, at a part of the patients, the organism of the patient goes to the medication. Yak pidsumok, to fix the decrease in efficiency, even to lose it again. To reach often suttuvi nezhazhani pobichni efekti. For some types of problems, use more radical methods of treatment.

If the cause of pain in the face is ill, then it is also necessary to address it, based on the main reason.

We will take a small amount of money on the way – an ear of drug therapy with further (if necessary) reconstructive interventions (microvascular decompression of the triple nerve root), and in case of unpleasantness of the nervous system

Medicinal preparations
For the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia, you can recognize the signs that change or pinch the transmission of painful signals to your brain.

Anticonvulsant. Zvvychay priznachayut carbamazepin (finlepsin), the effectiveness of which in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia pidtvergen. The first anticonvulsant, which can be stagnant with a given stanі – tse oxcarbazepin (Trileptal), topіromati (Topіromax). You can also use drugs from other groups, such as clonazepam, gabapentin, pregabalin.
If you take drugs that you take to lose their effectiveness, you may need to correct the dose, or change the drug, if you need to carry out the control of the drug. The side effects can include spoilage, dullness, drowsiness, double vision and boring. Before the hour of taking the drug, after taking it out of the carriage by car and robot with mechanisms, so that it will require an advanced respect or injury-free.

Preparations with a myazo-weakened drug, such as baclofen (Gablofen, Lyoresal), can be consumed independently, or in combination with carbamazepin.
Antidepressant. Most of the protocols for the treatment of chronic pain syndromes include preparations of a group of antidepressants (Amitriptyline, Fluoxetine (Prozac), Paroxetine), which have shown their effectiveness with the correct intake.

Ways of risotomy include:
Ін’єкції glycerin (glycerin blockade)
Before an hour of this procedure, the head is carried out through the face up to the opening in the base of the skull, through the hole at the bottom of the head, it is inserted into the triheminal cistern, a small amount of empty space from the spinal cord, as the vuzol of the three-part nerve is discharged – sometimes, on the three nerves. Then the drug should be injected with a small amount of sterile glucerin, such as a tripartite nerve and a breakdown of the pain pulse. Qia procedure zvvychay lie down bіl. However, in a ten hour, it will be newer, and among the boys of the bagateh they will have the same denunciations, or they will see it.

Compression balloon
When balonnіy compression, your drug is injected through the empty head through your face into a part of the nerve, yak go to the base of the skull. Then pass a tube (catheter) with a balloon at the end through a thin tube. The lykar inflates the balloon with a grip sufficient for the reduction of the tripartite nerve and blocking of pain signals.
The compressor balloon successfully lays down at most of the patients, taken for an hour. Most of the patients in the procedure are aware of the same incrimination, and for those of them it is time-consuming, because there is always a weakness of juvenile delusions.

Radio frequency temperature (degradation)
Procedure for vibrating nerve fibers, tied with pain. The technique of carrying out the head before the release of the nerve at the base of the skull is similar to that of the description. An electric wire is carried out through її education, for which a small electrical string is supplied. Please, ask for an hour to tell me if you have seen the conversation. If the neurosurgeon is to denote a part of the nerve that is involved in the transmission of large responses, the electrodes will start to play until the nerve fibers are ruined, leaving the zone of destruction (destruction). As soon as possible, it is possible to create additional zones of destruction. Radio-frequency thermodestruction beckon to produce before the act of exposing the procedure.

Carrying out blockade of hylocae of the tripartite nerve in times of birth on the face of vikorystannyam alcohol, which produces to ruin the nerve fibers. The methodology for the current day has practically lost its relevance in view of the low efficiency and the high rate of relapses and acceleration. Carrying out alcoholization can be a matter of sense, as an extreme end, with the unpleasantness of the application of these methods.

Neuralgia of the tricular nerve: alternatively to treatment
Even a small number of clinical vip tests have been carried out to improve the effectiveness of alternative methods for treating the neuralgia of the triple nerve, so overconflicting proofs of coryste and stagnation are not significant. However, the deyakі paciєnti by means of polіnshennya I will become in case of zasosuvannі cich methods. As a rule, it is effective to be recognized when using traditional methods of treatment.

Alternative methods for treating neuralgia include:

– acupuncture
– vitamine therapy
– reflexology
– nutritional therapy
– electrostimulation of nerves

In case of chronic pain, the inclusion of psychotherapeutic techniques in the complex has proven itself.
If you need to consult with your doctor before you go into an alternative treatment, as in the opposite way you can destroy your camp.
I’ll get a consultation with the drive of your grievance and refer to all food. You can read it in our clinic, as for more than 20 years of specialization you can take advantage of this kind of grievance and the best Ukrainian people.