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The Clinic of Subtentorial Neurooncology of the Institute of Neurosurgery was founded in 1988 as a subdivision of the Department of Neurooncology of the Institute of Neurosurgery. A.P. Romodanova

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Every year, the clinic staff performs more than 500 complex operations at a modern highly professional level.

Complex Operations

Treatment of neurosurgical diseases of the posterior cranial fossa, brain stem, craniobasal localization, cranial nerves and other complex localizations

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    We are often approached by patients with the following diagnoses:

    • Tumors of the brain (cerebellum, pons-cerebellar angle, stem-basal structures)
    • Meningiomas and other extracerebral tumors (mainly posterior cranial fossa and skull base)
    • Tumors of cranial nerves (neurinomas, schwannomas, neurofibromas, gasseromas)
    • Paragangliomas (``glomus tumors``)
    • Dermoid cysts (epidermoid tumors, cholesteatomas)
    • Neuralgia of the trigeminal, lingual-pharyngeal and other cranial nerves
    • Hemilic spasm, Meniere's syndrome and other hyperactive dysfunctions of the cranial nerves, including essential hypertension
    • Paresis of the facial nerve, requiring surgical correction
    • Hydrocephalus in adults, in particular normotensive hydrocephalus in the elderly
    • Abnormalities in the development of the nervous system (arachnoid cysts, anomalies of Arnold-Chiari, Dandy-Walker, etc., such as: syringobulbia, hydromyelia, tettered cord syndrome = fixed spinal cord)
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    Sholina Ksenia

    4 years have passed, and our whole family remembers with the same trepidation the miracle that the dear Vladimir Olegovich did for us. When everyone refused, he took and saved my life ...

    Bilda Valentin

    would like to thank my savior, Fedirko Vladimir Olegovich and the entire team for the removal of subtentorial neurooncology. Separately, I thank my guardian angel, Oksana, who did not leave me, day and night.

    Kutovaya Elena

    Low bow to all the medical staff, especially Vladimir Olegovich Fedirko. In 2012, my mother was operated on with a diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia. We arrived in Kiev without even a referral and Vladimir Olegovich heard us and appointed the day of the operation.

    Maltseva Victoria

    Our family is truly grateful to Vladimirovich Olegovich and the entire team of the clinic for their professional work. Behind this familiar "thank you" is actually an ocean of our and my mother's hopes, worries, fears, sleepless nights ... We have never regretted our decision. Thank you.

    Viktoria Andriychyk

    Thanks for the golden hands and invaluable knowledge to Vladimir Olegovich Fedirko, as well as to the entire team of the clinic! After a successfully and professionally performed surgery in 2014, this year I became a mother!



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